This is my basic set up for configuring a development machine.

Operating System - Environment

(I prefer to install on local machine but if you don't have windows local you can create one in Azure)

Cmder (Console Emulator)

  • Download Cmder with git-for-windows

  • Extract into Program Files\cmder

  • Execute cmder.

  • In Cmder settings Configure PowerShell as default console.

  • Under Startup->Tasks Remove the -No Profile from the PowerShell configuration.

  • Select Keys & Macro and search for split. Set the following:

  • Open Cmder in Powershell and Install-Module posh-git

  • Pin Cmder to task bar or Start Menu.


  • Install yarn
  • Install Node 10.13.0 (for this blog)

Confirm Node is installed and in the path. Open Cmder and run node -v. you should see the following:

λ  node -v

While at it what determine the version of npm and yarn? npm -v

λ  npm -v

λ  yarn -v

VS Code Plugins

  • VS Live Share extension pack
  • C# ext install csharp
  • TSLint ext install tslint
  • ESLint ext install vscode-eslint
  • PowerShell ext install PowerShell

Visual Studio Code Extentions

  • Code Maid
  • ASP.NET Blazor Language Services
  • VS Live Share Preview
  • Mads WebCompiler
  • Pretty much anything Mads has is good.


The best git client. https://gmaster.io/

let's write some code.