Entity Framework Core with Asp.net Core Web Application

Tuesday, 05 January 2021
C# Entity Framerwork ASP.NET Core
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Install Entity Framework Package

Let's install Entity Framwork package by typing this dotnet add package EntityFramework --version 6.4.4 or you can search package on Nuget Manager.

We have to create a class call ApplicationDbContext and inherits from DbContext this class will act as database context class when we use ours entity framwork. Inside the class we will have constructor which take DbContextOptions with the base contructor.

Use it inside APS.NET CORE

Class should look like this

public class ApplicationDbContext : DbContext
        public ApplicationDbContext(DbContextOptions<ApplicationDbContext> options) : base(options){}

After that we have to add Dbcontext to our services. Open a Startup.cs and replace with below code.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
            services.AddDbContext<ApplicationDbContext>(aDbContextOptionsBuilder => aDbContextOptionsBuilder.UseSqlServer(Configuration.GetConnectionString("DefaultConnection")));

Thats it, when we using Code-First approach. we simply have models class which represent table in database. We add models to DbContext class which you have it earlier. Something like public DbSet<MovieEntity> MovieEntity { get; set; }

Now thing is ready to go, open terminal or package manager and using Add-Migration anyname to intialize your first Entity Framwork. Entity Framwork will generate below script.

               name: "MovieEntity",
               columns: table => new
                   Id = table.Column<int>(type: "int", nullable: false)
                       .Annotation("SqlServer:Identity", "1, 1"),
                   Title = table.Column<string>(type: "nvarchar(120)", maxLength: 120, nullable: false),
                   Player = table.Column<string>(type: "nvarchar(max)", nullable: true),
                   Tag = table.Column<string>(type: "nvarchar(max)", nullable: true),
                   Score = table.Column<int>(type: "int", nullable: false),
                   Description = table.Column<string>(type: "nvarchar(max)", nullable: true),
                   Sound = table.Column<string>(type: "nvarchar(max)", nullable: true),
                   TrailerId = table.Column<string>(type: "nvarchar(max)", nullable: true),
                   PublishedDate = table.Column<DateTime>(type: "datetime2", nullable: false),
                   IsFeatured = table.Column<bool>(type: "bit", nullable: false)
               constraints: table =>
                   table.PrimaryKey("PK_MovieEntity", x => x.Id);

Have to check if you have correct schema then type command Updata-Database to push and create tables in your database.