The JavaScript Madness Part 1

Sunday, 15 January 2017
React JavaScript
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  • Create a simple (ha!) React hello world app and try to understand the magic.

As a developer for over 25 years, one would think this would be easy for me. Well, they would be wrong. My buddy who knows so much more about the JavaScript world keeps telling me to stop trying to understand it all. That is easy for him to say because he understands it.

How do all the pieces actually fit together and function?
I really don't know. Here we try to start small see if we can figure it out.

If I remove package A will the thing work?
Why is package B in there? Is this tool just for X or does it do something else also?

It can all be rather overwhelming!!!!

Can I ever understand it? Should I try, or just use some other tool that hides it all?

There is a cool npm package called create-react-app That mostly hides it all. Works great until it doesn't. At that point, you can eject and join me on the quest to answer the expletive WTJS (WhatThejs)

Join me on a step by step struggle to detangle the madness.

To create a default ejected version of create-react-app execute the following commands.

npm install -g create-react-app
create-react-app cra
cd .\cra\
npm run eject