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Saturday, 11 December 2021
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X-Ray Vision to diagnose "Hard drive full"

I have a 2 TB drive, but early this week my "free space" was running low. I knew I had created a couple of local Hyper-V VMs but thought, "I should have more free space than that!".

Analysis (X-Ray Vision)


To determine what was using up all the drive space I needed better visibility. Luckily, I found WizTree

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Very quickly, WizTree showed me I had 250GB in my AMD log folder.

Root Cause

At some point in the past, I guess, I had turned on logging in the Radeon Driver software and forgot to turn it off. So it just kept logging.


Turn off the logging and then delete the logging folder.

I found a couple of other huge folders that were no longer needed. In total, I cleaned up about 400GB off my drive.

Thanks WizTree.


Don't forget a good superhero keeps their code clean and tested. And your hard drive too :)