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Tuesday, 14 December 2021
Azure RDP PowerShell
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RDP For Me


Leaving RDP open to all IPs allows anyone on the internet to try and log into your VM. So we restrict RDP access to a specific single IP when needed.

Removing and adding the rule, via the portal UI, every time your ip changes is tedious.

So if possible automate the tedious to make it less so!


Powershell script using the az cli to remove and add my local IP to the allowed RDP rules for a VM.

A quick search on DuckDuckGo and I found a solution. Thanks Mark Heath!

I added a couple functions to my PowerShell profile.

Small one to get your current public IP Address

function Get-PublicIP {
  $myIp = (Invoke-WebRequest -uri "https://ifconfig.me/ip").Content
  return $myIp

Then Marks Add-NsgRule except I want to delete if the rule already exists.

function Add-NsgRule {
  Param([String]$Sub, [String]$ResGroup, [String]$NsgName, [String]$IpAddress, [String]$RuleName)
  az account set -s $Sub
  if (!$?) {
      Write-Output "Could not select subscription"
  $exists = az network nsg rule list `
      --nsg-name $NsgName -g $ResGroup `
      --query "[?sourceAddressPrefix=='$IpAddress/32' || sourceAddressPrefix=='$IpAddress'].name" `
      -o tsv
  if (!$?) {
      Write-Output "Error checking if NSG rule exists"
  if ($exists) {
      Write-Output "Rule for NSG $NsgName already exists with name '$exists'.  Deleting...";
      az network nsg rule delete -g $ResGroup --nsg-name $NsgName -n $RuleName
  else {
      Write-Output "Adding rule to NSG $NsgName";
      az network nsg rule create -g $ResGroup `
          --nsg-name $NsgName -n $RuleName `
          --priority 4096 --access Allow `
          --source-address-prefixes "$IpAddress/32" `
          --source-port-ranges '*' `
          --destination-address-prefixes '*' `
          --destination-port-ranges '*'
      if (!$?) {
          Write-Output "Failed to add NSG Rule"

Then I added specific functions for specific VMs

function Set-Rdp-For-Me-FoobarVM {
  $Sub = "MySub"
  $ResGroup = "MyResourceGroup"
  $NsgName = "MyNetworkSecurityGroup"
  $IpAddress = Get-PublicIP
  $RuleName = "rdp-for-me"

  Add-NsgRule -Sub $Sub -ResGroup $ResGroup -NsgName $NsgName -IpAddress $IpAddress -RuleName $RuleName


So now if my ip changes I can:

  1. Open powershell (probably already open)
  2. login to azure az login
  3. run Set-Rdp-For-Me-FoobarVM
  4. RDP into my VM!


https://markheath.net/post/azure-cli-access-restrictions https://www.prajwaldesai.com/get-public-ip-address-using-powershell/